We’re on the radio

This August Sue said FU to social anxiety and went and recorded a radio interview, see link below to hear about the difficulties of fundraising during Covid and ways of dealing with the mental and physical stresses of ocean rowing.

Of the experience of recording the interview itself she said

“When I started this project I knew it would push me to do lots of terrifying things and among the top fears was failing to overcome my social anxiety, communicating is not comfortable for me but it is vital to promoting what we are doing and seeking sponsorship. During the interview I had sweating, shaking, dry mouth, kept forgetting everything I needed to say. It’s hard to explain how debilitating it can be to people who don’t feel this way but it has effected my whole life and it’s a huge accomplishment for me to have faced the fight or flight and been able to stand my ground. My top tip is planning, I had written down all the important things I needed to say, I had even written down the names of my crew mates and really simple things like that as in a panic my memory will completely fail me, it is completely ok to write things down and over-prepare if that makes you feel more comfortable in a situation.”


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