*** 2021 UPDATE ***

Last year should have been an amazing year of rowing, learning, fundraising events and adventure, but instead lots of frustration, isolation and worry. We’ve kept busy, training strength and endurance, learning safety at sea & navigation, made lots of plans, held several fundraisers including our Big Breakfast, Longships Challenge and Art Auction, however we were not able to row together a single time, we’ve rowed individually just a handful of times and we still have lots of navigation training that must be undertaken on the water. Therefore as this latest lockdown looks set to continue a while longer and with only four months left until launch, we have made the heartbreaking decision to postpone our participation in the GB Row Challenge until 2022. As you can imagine we are devastated but we will continue to review the situation and we don’t want to waste the hard work we’ve put in so far so we hope to do some kind of challenge this spring/summer.
Thanks for all your support so far, it’s meant the world to us and we are determined to complete our mission and raise lots of money for mental health charities.

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