*** 2021 UPDATE ***

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Last year should have been an amazing year of rowing, learning, fundraising events and adventure, but instead lots of frustration, isolation and worry. We’ve kept busy, training strength and endurance, learning safety at sea & navigation, made lots of plans, held several fundraisers including our Big Breakfast, Longships Challenge and Art Auction, however we were not able to row together a single time, we’ve rowed individually just a handful of times and we still have lots of navigation training that must be undertaken on the water. Therefore as this latest lockdown looks set to continue a while longer and with only four months left until launch, we have made the heartbreaking decision to postpone our participation in the GB Row Challenge until 2022. As you can imagine we are devastated but we will continue to review the situation and we don’t want to waste the hard work we’ve put in so far so we hope to do some kind of challenge this spring/summer.
Thanks for all your support so far, it’s meant the world to us and we are determined to complete our mission and raise lots of money for mental health charities.

Welcome to the team Triple A Personal Training!

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We’re delighted to announce Triple A Personal Training as our official training partner, preparing us and pushing us forward to our goal of rowing 500 miles.

We are following a personalised plan to improve our strength and build some much needed muscle.
It’s been invaluable to have support, and particularly over lockdowns and disruption, to have a plan to follow that we know is helping us build strength week on week.

Adrian has been brilliant and can tailor plans to suit your specific goals. ★★★★★

Triple A Personal Training Logo

Art Auction Success!

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I’m happy to confirm our art auction a great success. We were able to showcase some amazing work and raised lots of money to help fund our epic challenge.

Thank you so much to the following donors and to everyone that placed generous bids;

Becky Bettesworth

Becky’s work draws inspiration from the classic railway posters of the 1930s. Her vintage seaside posters are modern and fresh, showing a place off at its best, without the fuss and rush of the modern world.

Stephen Beer

“I have ideas, I deconstruct, I construct, I use whatever medium is needed to tell the story. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.”

Jean Baker

“I love to paint in watercolour and also draw in pen and pencil. I work en plein air whenever I can and have numerous sketchbooks on the go.”

Anya Anstey

Anya Anstey Textiles
As well as being an A Shore Thing crew member Anya is studying Printed Textiles and Surface pattern at Plymouth College of Art and works on upholstery and textile projects.

Ahmahlia Art

Colour pencil drawings of your pets or favourite animals. All commissions mounted and framed, which is included in the price.

and many thanks to Cate Taynton, Mike Smith and Helen Lloyd who had nothing to plug but just wanted to help and donated their personal work or collections. ♥️


We’re on the radio

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This August Sue said FU to social anxiety and went and recorded a radio interview, see link below to hear about the difficulties of fundraising during Covid and ways of dealing with the mental and physical stresses of ocean rowing.

Of the experience of recording the interview itself she said

“When I started this project I knew it would push me to do lots of terrifying things and among the top fears was failing to overcome my social anxiety, communicating is not comfortable for me but it is vital to promoting what we are doing and seeking sponsorship. During the interview I had sweating, shaking, dry mouth, kept forgetting everything I needed to say. It’s hard to explain how debilitating it can be to people who don’t feel this way but it has effected my whole life and it’s a huge accomplishment for me to have faced the fight or flight and been able to stand my ground. My top tip is planning, I had written down all the important things I needed to say, I had even written down the names of my crew mates and really simple things like that as in a panic my memory will completely fail me, it is completely ok to write things down and over-prepare if that makes you feel more comfortable in a situation.”


Longships Challenge FAQ

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Our virtual mission has had lots of interest but not everyone is tech savvy so here’s a few tips to help you get started on your very own 500 mile challenge.

How do I sign up?

You will need an account with My Virtual Mission, it’s free and easy to join,
then you can join the mission HERE

How much does it cost?

A one off payment of £15 will be taken on joining the mission, no other fees or costs will be added at any time. Medals will be delivered after you’ve finished your mission.

How do I connect Strava?

Click on My Account and from the drop down menu select My Connections to see the list of apps that can be connected, on some mobiles you may need to view the page in desktop mode to see this option.

Can I do it Solo?

Of course, but you will find the distance more manageable as a team, get in touch if you’d like to be teamed up with other members, or let us know your crew name and we’ll set it up for you, when your crew sign up they will be able to select it from the list.

What if I don’t finish on time?

The time limit can be extended, just send us a message if you think you need longer, though you may be ineligible for some of the prizes.

Can I start this mission at any time?

Yes, prize giving will take into account when you started the race, so don’t worry if everyone else is ahead, you could still finish fastest.

What does the medal look like?

Engraved with the Longships Lighthouse and personalised with your name and crew name, plus they are hand painted with gold to add a little bling.